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Our Wish List

These are some of the most frequent and recurring items that we have the greatest needs for at both homes throughout the year.


  • ***New Twin-Size Bedding/Sheets/Comforters

  • ***Plastic-Wrapped Mattresses (Twin Size)

  • ***Lamps (Tabletop, Standing)

  • Batteries (AA, AAA)

Kitchen and Laundry​

  • ***New Air Fryers and Large Pans

  • Non-Perishable Snack and food items

  • Utensils and Garbage bag liners

  • Laundry detergent & dryer sheets

Bathroom Accessories​

  • Liquid Soap/Hygiene Products (Men's & Women's)

  • ***Bath Towels & Wash Cloths

  • Hair Products for Women (Brushes, Bands, etc.)

  • ***Manicure & Pedicure Products (Polish, Files, etc.)

Extra-Curricular Activities​

  • Arts & Crafts Supplies (Decorative, Freestyle)

    • Tie Dye, Bracelet making, canvas

    • Paints, Poster Boards

  • Construction and/or Foam Paper

  • Gift cards/passes for Recreational Activities

  • Gift cards/passes for Food and Retail

  • Workout and Outdoor Sports Equipment

    • Jump Ropes, Bands, Yoga mats, Exercise Balls​

    • Dumbbells, Bench Press

    • Soccer Goals, Volleyball Net

    • Any other outdoor sport items for activity


(Items listed with *** are items that we have a shortage of OR is an item that has been searched for an extended period of time.)


If you would like to make a furniture or clothing donation, please contact us directly, as our need for these specific items fluctuate. If you would like to make a donation please email to:

[email protected]

(270) 683-9441

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