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What We Do

We will offer a safe home and emergency shelter to abused and neglected children between the ages of birth and seventeen. We will also offer residence, parenting skills, and training for pregnant teens. We serve Daviess and the surrounding counties.

The first St. Joseph's House was completed in July, 1999, and has served as a co-ed home since that time. Thanks to numerous volunteers and contributors, we were able to acquire the property and complete house construction while remaining debt free.

The newly built Yewell Home for Boys is the only area treatment for boys ages 12 to 18. The new Yewell Home means we now provide two residential facilities for children in need in the Owensboro area.

You Can Help

We need your help to accept and care for these children. Annual operating costs are porjected to be $200,000. We ask that you prayerfully consider helping us to care for the smallest and forgotton ones among us. You can help support St. Joseph's Peace Mission by making a donation, volunteering your time, or participating in our TREK fundraiser. We now accept donations through PayPal. Visit our Contact page to donate now.


The Yewell Home For Boys



The boy’s residence next door to the Mission was built in 2011. Staff, board members and friends of the Mission watched as construction progressed on our new building. Seeing the culmination of our long anticipated dream of a home for boys was very exciting.

The new building is home to boys who need a more extended stay than the current home can provide. Right now the Peace Mission, which is considered an emergency facility, can keep residents up to 30 days at a time before they have to leave. There really is no comparable place in the area. According to former Executive Director June Bell, “the closest place for long term treatment or facilities is either in Louisville or Bowling Green. We envision a facility that can accommodate a boy [for] anywhere from 3 months up to 2 years [of residence]. These are boys who have not yet reached the potential of being able to return to their biological homes for one reason or another."


Our Mission

To provide dependent children, sibling groups, or pregnant teens in need with a safe, caring Christian environment where peace, love and security may be found.

Our Beginning

St. Joseph's Peace Mission for Children is a residential facility for neglected, dependent and abused children, pregnant teens and sibling groups. The Peace Mission was born out of the tragedy of Philip Strain, a four-year old who died on September 27, 1995. His brutal murder sparked a series of meetings initiated by a small group with several agencies, police, and court advocates. The results identified a significant need for an emergency shelter to care for abused and neglected children.

St. Joseph's Peace Mission for Children began October 27, 1996, as a nonprofit, Christian home for children. St. Joseph's will provide children and sibling groups in need with a safe, caring Christian environment. Love, security, and a healing miinistry are the cornerstones of St. Joseph's.









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